Log Depot Inc.

42 Haig Avenue Toronto ON M1N 2W2

Hi! My name is Ivan (Log Depot Inc.), and for more than 10 years my team and I have been helping families all over Ontario make their dreams come true.

From Sudbury to Downtown Toronto, from Windsor to Kingston we’ve met many different people, visited hundreds of homes, used thousands of nails, and liters of paint in order to become true experts in home renovations, delivering exceptional service right to your door.

My wife and I have upgraded many residences in the past 10 years, and from personal experience we’ve learned how unpredictable and stressful the renovation adventure can be. We guarantee that with us you will have an unforgettable experience, and good memories for many years to come.

Having said that, if you are reading this ad, and still don’t know where to start or have several options in your mind please don’t hesitate, and give us a call! We might be a company you are looking for!