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By: NotHappyAtAll | October 28, 2015

Called all over the city and surrounding areas to get work done. Couldn't get anyone to come called this company and met this guy. Who said he was the general manager he came to our house looked professional and. Spoke well had everything the company books everything regarding this company.

Thought wow finally found a good company Well I was horribly wrong. After befriending me and my 68 year old mother we entered a. Contract was given what we thought was a very fair price and was also told that my mother. Qualified for a for a grant for home modifications we sent away.

For it after gaining our trust he began to ask for money. We ended up giving him over 29 , 000$ in approximately 4 months for materials. And other things to get started but after he started making up stories why stuff. Wasn't here or why we couldn't go see what our money was spent on , we asked several.

Times for an invoice of was sent and received nothing at all also. There...


Continental Home Improvement

425 First St London, ON

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Worst reno company ever

By: non-member | September 30, 2015

Worst comunication ever...Robert/Tony who calls himself owner is very rude. Will take your money then take 4 months to do a job. Had to get 3 crews to work on my renos and still not finished even after 5 months. Refuses to pay his guys once they are done with a job. Will not even give this company even 1 star as they do not deserve such a star. I hope his guys take him to claims court. Make sure you talk to an experienced renovator not just a mouth that gets off on verbally abusing his workers and clients....charging them over and beyond going rates hopi g to clear $6000 to $9000 screwing his workers out of pay repeatedly...which was the complaint from all the guys this idiot hired to do my renos. not use them and do yourself a favor. This guy complains about every job any guy has come in to do. I now believe that the workers aren't the problem....the owner and gloater Robert/Tony is the problem. These are the same guy as you know...he will lie to you even about his name. Watch out!! Guy has no manners. There's way better out there.

Denys Builds Designs - Highly...

By: non-member | September 22, 2015

I have known Paul Denys for almost 30 years. He has performed a range of renovations and repairs on my homes during that time. Paul is always professional, courteous, and patient. He is generous with his knowledge about building science and best practices. Many times over the years I have relied on Paul's integrity and skills to sort out problems with my home. It is a relief knowing that Paul wants to do the job right and that he will not cut corners or offer quick fixes. Recently, he made a point of taking photos of the latest work he had done for me, explaining each aspect to me in person, and sending me copies for my records. I recommend him highly.

contractor scammer

By: non-member | September 15, 2015

my four day bathroom job turned into six weeks.quality of work was o.k. but billing haphazzard and unorganized.i ended up paying contractor, electrician and the plummer which we had three differant ones because no one wanted to work with him.contractor skilled at double talk and confusion especially with payment.i would bbe very careful employing this man.

Complete Builders

5334 - 89 St 2nd Floor Edmonton, AB

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Don't waste your time

By: non-member | July 24, 2015

Spend the extra money. Go elsewhere. These people are complete screw-ups. They lied to me about delivery times. I was told that items had arrived that had not. If they have it in stock, then you're ok. If they have to order it, then buyer beware. Not only that, but their hours of business are rediculously short.



Hi there,

We here at Reno Liquidation Depot apologize for any and all situations that may have left a customer dissatisfied with our service. While mistakes do happen, and sometimes things are out of our control in regards to shipment dates we will try to be more clear, and precise. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss the service you received at (705)727-0558, unfortunately I do not have access to your name or number to contact directly.

We are open 8:30-5:00 Mon-Fri and 10-3 on Sat for those who can not make it in during the week!

Thank you,
Reno Liquidation Depot.

Not ok

By: sakura2012 | July 20, 2015

I hired this contractor to do additional bedroom on my partially done basement. I want to try first if they will do a great job to finish my whole basement. I won't do another business again with this contractor.

Winter Feb 2015 they did it expecting to finish this for a week but they took around 3 weeks. Everything seems average though the light switch they left outside the room instead of moving it inside the bedroom. Funny lol

This summer July, A/C not cooling and I called Cambridge to check since it is newly installed April 2014 and was perfectly working summer last year. So they checked and ripped off the room which this contractor worked on and there we found 2 screws hit the A/C freon pipe.

We called them charging the Cambridge cost and also repair the damage due to finding the leakage but this contractor refused to pay and repair as A/C is not part of their scope of work and they denied they worked on that room, that is what our last...


Basement Bro

10376 Yonge Street, Unit 301 Richmond Hill, ON

category: Renovations - Contractors

excellent work

By: GeoffLeBreton | June 2, 2015

This is the second bathroom renovation done for me by Carick. The first one in 2011 was such a good job that I went back to them for the second bathroom renovation. I was given an estimate with everything that was to be done in writing. The work was done to a high standard and on time. On one or two concerns I had during construction the company responded immediately. Payment was by initial deposit (10% approx), 30% at the half-way point and the balance on completion. After several months the first renovation needed some caulking renewing. I called Carick and the response was immediate and the job was done within two days. The third job Carick did for me was to waterproof a wet basement. This was done one year ago in May 2014 and this spring, for the first time in 10 years, I have had a dry basement.
Carick was recommended to me by a friend and I have no hesitation in recommending the company to others.

Carick Home Improvements

597 Glen Park Avenue North York, ON

category: Renovations - Contractors

Home Addition- Ralph and Dorothy...

By: jlaurin | March 3, 2015

Late last summer my wife and I engaged Jamie Laurin and his company, CSC Renovations, to design and construct a fill-in addition to our two story home. We wanted to better utilize some 80 ft2 of new floor space that would open the lower level and serve to join to separate rooms to provide a more expansive and open entertainment environment. In accordance with good practice, we obtained quotes for what we envisioned from three firms. CSC Renovations was selected for the job for three reasons: the personal confidence Jamie Laurin instilled in us concerning his hands-on ability to undertake the work; the most effective cost/benefit quote we received; the excellent reviews of his work garnered from his previous clients. We were not disappointed. Jamie involved us in every decision of the project and its' scheduling, allowing for maximum flexibility in us changing our minds on plans as the work progressed. True to his word, he is almost overly-fastidious with cleaning up each day and...


CSC Renovations Ottawa

424 Sultan Street Ottawa, ON

category: Renovations - Contractors

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