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Run Fast and Run Far

By: rmacca | August 1, 2016

From the outset this company had serious credibility issues and our contact had nothing but excuses for why the work and cleanup were not being done as promised. The contact said before we started that they would be using real plumbers which they ended up doing themselves. As it turns out they probably cannot get a legitimate sub-contractor to work with them.. He also decided that he would redo the heat ducting and only made a bad situation worse. I would be very careful about certified trade work that they say they can do. The time estimates that they gave were totally inaccurate and went well over double the time frame they gave. Beware of the cost estimates he gives you as these too proved substantially more than he quoted. in short do not believe anything he tells you.

Complete Builders

5334 - 89 St 2nd Floor Edmonton, AB

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Endless Drama! Stay far away!

By: JenNorthVan | July 7, 2016

I can't even begin to describe the ordeal we had with Action Interiors. We were the upper end of the spectrum from what their websites say their typical jobs cost and by the end of it, I was told by another company they wouldn't touch the kitchen with a 10 foot pole to fix. It was an absolute disaster but I'll let you judge for yourself:

1. Day 1: The came in to remove the cabinet faces and paint. The area's on-site that were painted had missed patches and streak marks EVERYWHERE. I was told: the guy FORGOT HIS GLASSES.

2. They left my house a MESS and doors unlocked. It took a full hour to clean. I was told: The vacuum broke and "I told Suzanne I was leaving so what am I supposed to do".

3. Instead of removing our pot lights, the painted OVER THEM! Plastic, glass, everything!

4. The kitchen was 2 DIFFERENT COLOURS! Two! I was told: it was my eye sight by both the painters, as well as Randy, the owner. The cabinets were...


Custom House Construction in Scarborough

By: Ray | May 13, 2016

I am a builder and at present I have 2 new custom built house under construction in Scarborough. I have given sub contract to Save on Contracting to do the foundation, framing, HVAC/Plumbing/Electrical rough in, drywall taping contract. The project started late Aug, 2015 and now in finishing stage. During the winter he even worked hard to keep the work progress. I found Save on Contracting is capable and professional in handling the custom house project. I also found the owner Mr. Noor is trustworthy, honest and cooperative. He was able to meet my project budget but keeping the quality of work.

I recommend him for all kind of construction job and wishes him best of luck.

Custom house builder


3660 Midland Avenue 300 Toronto, ON

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Not sure what the other two are...

By: non-member | April 5, 2016

Reno depo is one of the better outlets I have ever shopped at. The staff has a decent knowledge of the products and beyond your expectations to help. The other two on here are the type of people I shake my head at. I found the Reno depo store on line while I was visiting Barrie, as I live in Edmonton and have been to the shop once since I have been dealing with them in the last 3 years. The prices are good enough that I am willing to ship it from Ontario to Alberta rather than deal with the meatballs at Home Depot or Lowe's. That should speak volumes. Anyone looking for absolute perfection will never get it anywhere they go better off to do it yourself. Personally I'm baffled by the other two reviews it's as if they have never shopped anywhere in they're entire lives. Grow up people... The name is Steve Dow BTW 780.200.3103 if you feel the need to complain.

Thank you EX-Men!

By: non-member | March 22, 2016

I hired Mark and his team to help me renovate my house, i had not been home a lot and fell behind on keeping up on renos, so i did not even know where to start, Mark gave me good advise and advised me throughout the job, he stayed for a week at a time and worked until midnight or after even to get everything done, and done properly and for a really fair price, he knows about everything, electricity, plumbing, siding , roofing , tiling, he put in a new shower stall, tiles , back splash, fixed siding, electricity, and made a bar table in my kitchen, after i came up with the idea, he worked it out so it could be done :) Thanks a lot EX-Men for all your help and great ideas and suggestions, my house is like a home again! If anything comes up in the future, i'd certainly call you again!nn- Tom Vangarderen

EX-Men Renovators

Tidnish Head Rd. Amherst, NS

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By: non-member | February 22, 2016

Remarkable performance guys! I'm am beyond pleased with the job this crew did on my home. Everything I asked them, they were like "we can do that!" They raised my roof into a flat roof because I was having issues with ice build up. They assured me that this was guaranteed resolution to my problem. I'm so happy they were right. they asked if it was alright to use pictures of my roof for advertising and I agreed. So check out the pictures and I'm sure recovery roofing and renovations will be your first choice.

It's too bad this guy left town

By: bucktoothbilly | February 5, 2016

The best renovator this town ever had. A perfectionist in every sense of the word. He built the house at the intersection of Sliammon Rd and Hwy 101 and it's a masterpiece. He designed and built my basement suite and it's perfect - not a single issue even after 10 years! Bravo my friend.

Mike Washington Renovations

4834 River Rd Powell River, BC

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Terrible customer service and bad...

By: non-member | January 26, 2016

Met these people at a trade show and set an appointment with them to come out to start a design. Took all of my information at the show including name, number, address, some details of the project and set a specific time (approx. 10 days later) to come out. The lady (Marie-Clare) said she would confirm with me prior to coming out. Never heard back from her and she did not show up. The company called me 17 min before the appointment to ask what we wanted and how they could help. I would have assumed that they were to call me long before this time to confirm an appointment. Apparently, the rep I was talking to left the company. Could they not have figured this out sooner and sent someone else? When I called the owner he went on the defensive indicating that this all happened because the rep left. Maybe so, but its up to an owner of a company to set up a structure such that they can pick up immediately where one leaves off if they quit. He offered to send someone else but by...


Interiors with Elegance

1602-10 Ave SW Calgary, AB

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Stay way from CBM .

By: non-member | January 26, 2016

nWorking CBM was nightmare experience . The contractor Manny Arias is an incompetent and untrustworthy handyman with very low sales tactics. Since conclude our full house - Reno, we have endless issues everyday including our walls and ceilings that are full of large bubble- blister because he did not clean/prepare the walls neither use prime-paint needed . Our new bathroom that he renovated is a disaster and we have electrical problems too. The fact is that he cut corners to put more money in his pocket.... and his job is very sloppy ... stay way from CBM .n

CBM Renovations

2426 Chateau Common Oakville, ON

category: Renovations - Contractors

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